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Everything You Need to Know about Forward

Located at a prestigious business address, discover a space where you can truly make your mark. From layout to branding, we can completely customise everything to suit the needs of your business. Be supported in your journey by our professional, in-house team. We provide:

  • PRO services
  • Secretary service
  • Shared office space
  • Meeting rooms
  • Seminar room
  • Office utilities
  • Brain Storming Facility
  • High speed internet
  • Access to events
  • Workshops
  • Privets offices
  • Mentorships

Our Core Values


To be the ultimate go-to center to actualize ideas, and boost business growth through B2B networking, Cross selling, partner matching & more.


We want to build a world where business are easily manifested, and exponentially growing.


We believe in the power of networking.We believe we are connected through one mutual journey toward success. Therefore we trust each other and we work together towards achieving our goals.